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Grab your favorite drink and learn the secrets of history makers and game changers who turned anxiety, fear, passion and ideas into powerful recipes for happiness. Honest, fun, and informative, each storytelling episode builds deep insights, ideas for growth, and meaningful connections for tapping into your best self.

Marcus & The Blindside of Pain & Happiness

Micheal Lewis popularized the idea of blind spots in his bestselling book, The Blind Side. Blind spots can be anthing from a football quarterback not seeing the tackle spot, a hidden view in your rear view mirror or decisions made regardless of things unknown. Typically, we see blind spots as a deficiency, a gap in judgment where mistakes can happen. But what if we saw them as opportunities for nudging us to take chances with the possibility of silver linings?

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and our many blessings, Sipping on Stories host Rose McInerney shares three blind spots in the most painful experiences of her life. Each is connected to the number 13 and every one eventually stirred her soul to happiness and transformation. To all those who have lost someone and something special, remain steadfast in hope, courage and the promise of new life.

Each episode features conversations and interviews of fascinating people who have overcome challenges or harnessed pivotal life moments in pursuit of happiness, freedom, and purpose.

Their personal experiences and professional careers are inspiring and powerful roadmaps. When we “sip on their stories,” we build meaningful connections to our own, the world and each other.

Sipping on Stories is a storytelling podcast that will share the secrets of history makers and game-changers who turned anxiety, fear, passion, and ideas into powerful recipes for success.

The first season kicks off with a wide range of interviews that will leave you thirsting for more.

Guests include: “Dr. of Happiness,” Jay Kumar; Dr. Bronwyn King, Oncologist Fighting Tobacco Industry; Arica Hilton, Artist and Philanthropist; Timea Nagy, Anti-Sex Trafficking Advocate and Shermin Kruse, Author, Lawyer, and TedTalk Speaker to name a few.

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